The beer guide - a workshop in a box: the perfect gift for a beer lover!


How It Works?
You will receive a package with 7 different beers + samples of the beer’s raw materials and a beautiful instruction booklet, with 24 chromo pages with plenty of pictures and explanations.
Follow the instructions in the booklet, find out and taste it:
– What are the raw materials of beer?
– How do the raw materials affect its color, taste and appearance?
Get to know different beer styles.

– Begin to understand beer menus like professionals: lager, stag, lettuce, hops and more …

What does assessment include?
– 7 unique beers, Israeli and international, in a variety of colors and flavors.
(One-liter, half-liter bottles and also a can), the composition varies according to the stock of importers. All are kosher.
– Samples from the raw materials of the beer

– An invested and beautiful instruction booklet, which includes 24 chromo pages, with precise instructions on what to taste, how to taste, when and why?

The Image for illustration only, the composition of the beers changes from time to time

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