"Queen's Feast" - Guided Beer Tasting session

What’s included in a beer tasting session?

* An hour fun and fascination.

* What is beer and what is it made of? Feel, taste and smell the raw materials.

* How each ingredient effects the taste, smell and appearance of the beer.

* Tasting a variety of international and fine Israeli craft beers.

* What to order in a pub (or what not to order ..)

* Spiced with stories and a beautiful Flash – presentation.


For whom is a beer tasting workshop suitable?

 For home-based study groups

 For organisations as team-building workshops for employees,

 For birthday parties.

 For groups of friends, thirsty for new experiences.


Where can I conduct my beer tasting workshop?

You can have a beer workshop at your home,

It’s possible to conduct a beer tasting in the office.

A beer workshop can also be held in a restaurant – combined with food



Call me at 053-4222456


סדנת בירה, טעימות בירה, סדנאות בירה

Gallery- Guided Beer Tasting session

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